Automatic music recommendation service? NOT PANDORA?
2011-06-04 17:57:04 UTC
Im looking for an automatic music recommendation service, what i had in mind was a website where i could input MULTIPLE artists and/or songs and it would funnel back new music that it recommends. A music database of sorts. If there is no such thing, any useful sites for finding new music would be appreciated :)
Three answers:
2016-12-16 14:56:42 UTC
Arctic Monkeys Lana Del Rey Taylor fast Dolly Parton John Mayer Ed Sheeran(i do unlike his different singles as lots through fact the A group) Adele Florence And The gadget Kimya Dawson Tim McGraw Kenny Chesney Ronnie Dunn The Smiths The Vaccines
2011-06-04 18:03:46 UTC
Yahoo! Music will let you listen to songs and gives you listings of artists in the genre you choose, but Pandora is the only one that sorts recommendations. AOL also has a music website that provides similar artists for songs you listen to.
2011-06-04 18:41:58 UTC

You can build up an entire library and it will give you recommendations based on the artists you listen to most. You can also play a radio station made up of your recommended artists, and a "mix radio", which plays you a mixture of new bands and what's already in your library. :)

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