should i buy a djembe or cajon?
John M
2009-12-17 19:37:07 UTC
i want an instrument that i can bang on over winter break so any advice would be great
Four answers:
2009-12-17 19:46:52 UTC
djembes are much more fun! my friend anthony has one and lets me randomly bang on it when we hang out. he has a bunch of other old drums, including a few cajons and i prefer the djembe because you can walk around with it better and play it standing up if you have a harness thingymabobber. i don't play either in band or professionally so this is my totally amateur, un-educated by pros opinion. the cajon is more interesting-looking, though.

I'd definitely go with a djembe.
2016-12-09 06:07:16 UTC
Djembe Cajon
2009-12-17 19:42:49 UTC
I have a djembe and a friend has a cajon. I really like the sound out of his, but in my opinion a djembe is the better drum cause it's more portable and you can just lean back in a chair and chill while playing. although with the cajon, you always have a chair to sit on while you play! haha get the djembe, but don't get too small or you'll wish you went bigger later
2016-03-02 04:48:19 UTC
I don't know what a cajon is, but a djembe is pretty big compared to bongos, so if you're looking for something small that's what I'd get. P.S. I just searched what a cajon is and I would still get the bongos, it seems like the best choice.

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