Which instrument is best; a cajon, a djembe, or bongos?
2010-07-17 18:30:42 UTC
I'm considering buying a small, transportable percussion instrument and am having trouble deciding which one I want.
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2010-07-19 02:43:01 UTC
Bongos are nice - small and transportable, but you don't enjoy playing them until you've studied and practiced for quite some time.

A cajon is good if you want to accompany flamenco or salsa.

But a djembe, well, everybody is a star from day one on that drum, and it just gets better from there. Get the biggest one you can afford. Don't worry too much about the "quality" on your first djembe (get the implication here?). It takes about a year to develop the hands to get the sounds that the more expensive djembes can make. TOCA makes a 14 inch model called the Canon. It's got real goat skin and is rope tuned, but the shell is synthetic and light - and it's only $130 on the web. And remember, the proper tuning for a djembe is as tight as it will go without popping the skin.
2010-07-17 18:34:50 UTC
I don't know what a cajon is, but a djembe is pretty big compared to bongos, so if you're looking for something small that's what I'd get.

P.S. I just searched what a cajon is and I would still get the bongos, it seems like the best choice.
2016-12-11 19:41:40 UTC
Cajon Bongos
2010-07-17 18:33:35 UTC
I don't know what cajon or a djembe are? but I would chose the bongos
2010-07-17 18:35:41 UTC
2016-04-17 09:14:01 UTC
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2010-07-17 18:33:11 UTC
what the **** is a cajon or a djembe ?

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